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    Extractant Performance Test

    Extractant Performance Test
    ● Extractant composition and content.

    ● Active ingredient and content in organic phase.

    ● Viscosity and specific gravity of organic phase.

    ● Degradation of extractant.

    ● Extraction and strip kinetics.

    ● Maximum metal loading.

    ● Extraction and strip isotherm point.

    ● Extraction and strip phase separation.

    ● Metal net transfer.

    ● Extraction efficiency, strip efficiency, stage efficiency.

    ● Content of metal in leaching solution, raffinate and pregnant electrolyte, etc.

    ● Metal extraction selectivity.

    ● Entrainment in organic and aqueous phase.


    Flotation Reagent Performance Test
    ● Flotation collector composition and content;

    ● Mineral composition;

    ● Concentrate grade;

    ● Concentrate recovery rate.